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Lexicon MILE is committed to serving our communities by recognizing the diversity of Indians. Students across the country from up North to down South, from East to West are enrolled with us, to meet their professional needs of an enriched corporate life. With a large base of Lexicon MILE alumni in the corporate today, spread across the globe, we encourage personal and professional development through value based education as a foundation for life-long learning. Lexicon MILE lives the culture of transparency and liberalism in all its initiatives. With a rich pool of faculty both from the Academics as well as Corporate worlds, first-class quality of students, superior systems and processes that blend Indian culture and contemporary practices / policies, Lexicon MILE is today consistently rated as one of the best B-Schools in the city of Pune.


To be a globally admired group of diverse educational institutions enabling students to become valued citizens of the world.


  • To develop an all round personality of our students by :
  • Providing Student – centric learning.
  • Encouraging critical thinking.
  • Encouraging problem anticipating and problem solving thinking.
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Working towards every aspect, no matter how small.
  • Working consistently as a team.

Core Values

  • Excellence: We perform to be outstanding and strive for brilliance in all that we do.
  • Integrity: We rise above personal bias, endeavor to sustain trust and conduct ourelves with impeccable loyalty and fairness.
  • Ownership: We own up our words and actions with accountability.
  • Discipline: We honor responsibility and venerate the commitments to work and life, with dedication and devotion
  • Passion: We work with an incomparable passion to make a positive change towards a holistic and wholesome life
  • Humility: We believe whatever heights one reaches in life, modesty and unassuming nature are the true hallmarks of a management professional.
  • Gratitude: We remain indebted towards the goodness of humanity, society and the benevolence of life.
  • Respect: We revere the identity of each individual we interact with and value their dignity, existence and purpose of life.
  • Environment Sensitivity: We aim to protect and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Social Sensitivity: We stay compassionate to the lesser privileged in society.


  • Many awards on World, Asian & National Level.
  • Minimum 9 months paid internship in the final year.
  • 20+ additional certification along with PGDM.
  • Finest Academic Delivery by IIM's, IIT's & Foreign Faculties.
  • The "One Student a Time" approach to ensure every student's growth & development.
  • Periodic Corporate Interaction Series.
  • Dual Major Specialization.
  • Regular Industrial Visits.
  • Winter Internship Project.
  • Innovation lab for patents,tradenarks & copyright.
  • Language lab for English proficiency.


  • The online application is for admission to programs offered in Lexicon Mile.
  • Application Form Fee is Non-Refundable.
  • Email ID submitted at the time of registration will be used for all correspondences until enrolment is completed. Change in Email ID will NOT be permitted under any circumstances.
  • Lexicon Mile Query Management System:
    Applicants are advised to use the Lexicon Mile Query Management System
    (Lexicon Mile-QMS), rather than an email, to get a quick response.
    1. Register and verify your email ID
    2. Click on [Any Queries? Ask US] in your dashboard
    3. Select the query category and submit your query
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Steps to follow

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